Come Halloween, many folks start fretting about the costumes they are going to wear. They want to be better than the rest of their friends and so the costumes need to be super cool ones. Many choose to be a Voodoo Priestess.

Voodoo Priestess Adult Costume

At Voodoo Costume, this is our absolute favorite…

A Voodoo Priestess costume is a very sexy one and includes a fantastic maroon velour dress with crushed panne and a leopard-style print pattern.

Also included is a printed collar with a fringe, a naughty black corset with fabric fringe and bone detail.

To complete the look, you get arm cuffs and a tiara headpiece bone-style!

This is a premier, deluxe costume and is a little more expensive than other costumes but we think it’s worth every penny for such a stunning look.

Available in adult sizes (Small, Medium, Large and X-Large).

Voodoo Priest WigVoodoo Priest/Priestess Wig

These great dreadlocks are suitable for men or women and can add the finishing touch to a DIY voodoo costume that you’ve thrown together from your own wardrobe.

The dreads are made from synthetic fiber and you will probably need a wig cap to hide your own hair.

Now… go cast a spell on the rest of the party-goers!

Voodoo Skull StaffVoodoo Skull Staff

This accessory is going to come in handy for scaring away evil spirits and unwanted attention at that fancy dress party!

The skull has red eyes and red stitched lips (there’s even strands of hair coming out of the mouth!).

The handle has scar marks on it and there’s a rope-embellished grip to finish the staff off.

This makes a great accessory for any evil costume whther it be vampire or Witch Doctor.

If you need to send a voodoo curse before the party, PinStruck is the ideal website (but use carefully!). There are also some great spells here.

Maybe you want to have your own voodoo doll to take to the party. If you need your own voodoo doll costume, we’ve got that as well!

If you want to impress folks with your voodoo knowledge, try African Voodoo.

Finally, the Traveling Haiti website has some great background knowledge about Haitian Voodoo.

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