Voodoo – the name itself conjures up images of scary looking witch doctors and potions and pins and dolls.

Its scare factor is why voodoo costumes are such a hit during Halloween!

Halloween is all about being spooky and scary and while many people wear different costumes of animals or superheroes, others want to stay true to the theme of the festival. Therefore, they choose to wear a voodoo costume which adds to the creepy/spooky feeling.

If you too are in the mood to send chills down the spines of your friends, head to our website now and buy a costume which will help you freak out your pals and give you a few good laughs!

Here are just some of the options available on the site:-

Voodoo Priestess Adult CostumeVoodoo Priestess Adult costume

One of the more intimidating figures in voodoo tales, the priestess.

She holds much power and can even see your future.

While that might not be possible in reality, you can be sure to have a lot of fun in your future by wearing this very cool costume.

The dress is a long one which is bright red in color and strapless.

There is patchwork design on the sleeves and the bodice.

There are lots of skulls to give it that macabre effect along with the sexiness of the red dress.

An equally chilling head wrap with feathers and skulls is also provided.

This Voodoo Priestess costume is made of 100% polyester.

Sexy and scary at the same time – perfect!

Witch Doctor Adult CostumeWitch Doctor Premier Adult Costume

If it’s the Voodoo priestess costume for the ladies, then it is the equally scary Witch Doctor voodoo costume for the men.

This impressive costume includes a shirt, a belt of skulls, a hat, arm cuffs and a cape.

Get yourself a stick with a skull on it and you’re all set to practice some alternative medicine on your poor victims.

This costume is made of polyester and comes in Medium, Large and X-Large sizes.

Voodoo Vamp Adult CostumeVoodoo Vamp Adult Costume

This is a perfect voodoo costume for those young girls who want to wear something cute and sexy but at the same time add a touch of the spook to their outfit.

The Voodoo costume comes with a short knee-length dress, a choker, headband, cuffs and a cute black and pink change purse, shaped like voodoo doll.

This polyester dress is available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and plus sizes.

All these costumes are usually seen during Halloween celebrations held annually on the 31st October across America. It is a festival which is very popular in the United States and other parts of the world.

Traditionally the color orange is a big part of the festival because of the pumpkins which are carved to make them into lanterns. Usually spooky faces are cut into the pumpkin into which a flame is placed. The resulting effect is quite cool looking, giving it a touch of menace!

Along with traditions like trick-or-treating, families also light bonfires and eat candy apples whilst entertaining the children with some scary stories which are all part of the Halloween festivities.